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Monday, August 07, 2006

Giornali Milano Part Quattro

April 17
Bone tired this morning. Looking forward to sitting in the car for awhile. Drove straight to Pisa, where all straight driving ended. We could see the tower, see the signs, but couldn't get to it. Finally found tourist parking and walked onto the Field of Miracles, Campo dei Miracoli.

It was absolutely phenomenal. The leaning tower, the cathedral, and the baptistry. And unlike every other tourist attraction, there was plenty of space so you could see these structures from all views, not crowded around by the city. And the leaning tower leans even more than I thought it would!

The cathedral was very tall inside and out, making it airier and roomier than most, but the baptistry was inexplicable. At first I thought everyone was being SO irreverant, talking so loudly in a place of worship. How rude! When I realized it was the acoustics, I told Ted "Wow, I bet a choir would sound amazing in here". After trudging up more narrow stairs, we looked down over the balcony just in time to see someone sneak under the ropes and stand beside the pulpit, and everyone got quiet. She sang the most simple and melodius tune, almost like a monk's chant. And when she finished, she walked away. As she walked, for 5 whole seconds her voice reverberated around the room.

We shopped a little and got the kids some T-shirts. It was 2:30 or so and we were both tired of pizza and sandwiches, which is mostly what they had within walking distance. Ted wouldn't let me stop and McDonalds outside of town. So instead we ate at the AutoGrill on the AutoStrada near La Spezia. Hamburgers on hard rolls and a salade misto (with anchovies!). I bought some interesting cookies and chocolate for a snack later.

Ted refused to stop as we drove past all the picturesque beaches of the Cinque Terra. Finally, we saw the exit for Portofino and he agreed to get off and drive through (he didn't want to get back to the hotel after dark). We drove up, down and around the twisty roads past the beaches and multi-million dollar estates. There was no place to stop, park, or even turn around. Finally there was a turnoff to go down toward Portofino (which we had driven around so far). So we stopped and snapped some photos, since you can't drive into the town anyway, no cars allowed). Then we continued toward Genoa and then north to Salice Terme.


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