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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Giornali Torino Part Duo

After lunch, my feet were too sore to walk much further, so I headed back toward the stazione. Shortly after entering the outdoor shopping galeria, a very nice-looking boy (maybe 25 years old) started talking to me in Italian. "No parlo Italiano". He said "Oh, Americano!", and then keeps talking...in Italian! Again, "No parlo Italiano"! Instead of leaving me alone, he told me his name and asked mine. Since I wouldn't answer, he starts guessing..."Maria? Natalie? Angela?..." Meanwhile, I'm trying to ignore him and walking faster, looking over my shoulder. I was watching out for a co-conspirator trying to pick my pocket.

So he's talking to me for about 5 minutes and finally he asks me a question. No idea what it was but he says "blah blah blah, SI?". So I said "NO!" Finally he said "Ok, ciao bella" and gave up on whatever his intention was. Who knew a 40-yr-old with no make-up, sore feet, and frizzy hair could attract a virile, handsome, 20-something Italian man! I felt like I was Frances Mayes in "Under the Tuscan Sun". I was a bit smug the rest of the trip!

Adam & Eve at the entrance to Via Roma at the train station in Torino.

Practically crawled the rest of the way to the train station about 1 1/2 hours before departure. Luckily the train was already there. I wandered through some shops and bought my first Coke Light - Heaven!!!

An elderly lady sat across from me on the train reading the paper, while a family of 10 on a weekend getaway sat behind me. The whole way to Voghera, they had the window open and everyone in the back was getting wind-blown and very annoyed. And one little boy was squealing and jumping on the seat while his mother chastised him, "Chito! Comportamenti bene!" or something like that..."Be good" Of course, Chito ignored her.

The lady across from me and I exchanged looks of aggravation every few minutes and sighed. She was primly dressed and proper, (but even she answered the phone "Pronto"). She had tried to strike up a conversation earlier and found I didn't "parlo". At her stop I surprised her by wishing her a "Buona Pasqua", Happy Easter. Thank you James for the language tapes!

For dinner, Ted and I ate at the Pizzeria 2 blocks down in the center of Salice Terme. Best pizza we had the entire trip! A nice, thin crust with chicken, Gorgonzola, asparagus tips, raddiccio, and mozzarella. The ensalata misto (mixed salad) was a tasty blend of bitter greens. Italians only use oil and vinegar for dressing, so by the end of the trip I couldn't wait to have a Ranch, honey mustard, or even a Caeser!

I really don't know how Italians stay in such good shape. The waitress thought we were nuts when we ordered uno pizza por duo persone. Everywhere we went, the Italians ate twice as much as we did, yet they were all thin and tone. Must be all the walking...I know I lost 3 pounds on the trip! "La Dolce Vita"!


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