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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Giornali Milano Part Tre

April 13

My first full day in Italy! No kids, no responsibilities, lots to see and do. Mmm...think I'll sleep late.

Wasted 30 minutes trying to get my new Brookstone converter/ adapter to work. Hope they'll take it back. Planned to walk around Salice Terme and get the lay of the terra. The spa/bath appeared to be closed (cost an arm/leg anyway according to brochure in the lobby). Walked down to the park. It seems Italianos prefer natural parks instead of nicely manicured ones like in France & England. Looked just like the back 40 where my brothers used to hunt dove and quail.

While walking, I recognized a lady from the hotel restaurant the night before. One of the Cameron bigwigs, James, had said she was the wife of a big customer of theirs from Perth, Australia. I introduced myself and found that she had no idea what to do and was equally bored with the small town so far. We explored a little more and saw the Fonti Sale (salt well) from 1st or 2nd century A.D. which was simply a hole in the ground with a concrete cover in a grafitti-covered round wellhouse.

I find it interesting that in Italy they refer to A.D. as A.C. (Anno Christus?). I would've thought that we English picked up Anno Domini somewhere along the way from the ancient Romans.

Here's a castello that Ted found in Salice after I left. It's now a private residence.

Sandra and I had fabulous and filling lunch of Tagliatelle with rabbit at the hotel, then decided to catch the bus to Voghera and see the sights there. Not knowing the schedule, we walked down the main street to the bus stop, tried to read the schedule and determined that the schedule was somewhat reduced because it was Spring Break there.

After 45 minutes or so, we did catch the bus and tried to give the driver money. With a little confusion dialog, he motioned for us to sit, then at the next stop waved us to get off. I finally understood that the Bar on the corner sold biglietti (tickets), while the nice lady sitting next to us said "Andiamo, andiamo", which I assumed meant hurry! So we ran across the street to the Bar and asked for duo biglietti por l'autobus, and hopped back on the bus, giddy with how smart we were!

We walked around for about 3 hours and saw a 17th century Cavalry building, under restoration, an imposing 12th century visconti castello that appeared to have been used as a jail at some point (as were most castles) also under restoration, and a nice little church in the center of town. We enjoyed some gelato in the church square and then found the shopping in the square was quite nice.

After a leisurely stroll back to the train station, Sandra commented on how our husbands might be worried. I thought we were early, but had lost an hour somehow. So we got to the hotel around 6:00. Sandra's husband had come back early to spend some time with her and was locked out of the room (they did let him in eventually). At dinner, I apologized to John for being a crazy American lady can't even tell time!


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