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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Giornali Firenze Part Uno

April 15
After being warned not to drive in Florence, we had no choice since the train tickets were sold out. But we felt lucky (plus we had “Genie” the GPS lady), so we took off after an early breakfast. The drive down was beautiful, even on the Autostrada. We went through Parma, Reggia, and Bologna (nice sandwich, huh?). The closer we got to Bologna, the more pastoral the landscape became. Little farmhouses nestled halfway up the hill, villages snug up against a mountain stream, a country chapel dominating over all.

As we got into Florence, we quickly realized our mistake. Genie the GPS led us straight to the hotel (okay there were a few wrong turns, but she got us back on track). I had picked this hotel specifically for two reasons…the terrazzo overlooking the city and onsite garage. But Easter weekend traffic was so bad that Ted wouldn’t let me get out to ask how to find the garage, afraid he’d never find me again. So we thought we’d park at the stazione and carry our bags…but the sign at the stazione garage said “Complete” and they weren’t letting cars in.

After much discussion, we let the reservation go and drove out to the airport, where I had researched some hotels before leaving. This is where Genie the GPS led us astray. The thing about computers is they keep doing the same thing even if it doesn’t work the first time, or the second, or the third. And Genie couldn’t see the sign that must’ve said “road closed” in Italian.

Finally we got to the Ibis hotel around 1:00 pm and checked in. The nice lady at the desk agreed to phone the other hotel to see if they would refund our money, but no luck. To be honest, I missed the Hotel Derby terrazo (right) more than the money!

So we dropped our bags & hopped the bus into town for our first full day together in Italy.


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