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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Giornali Milano (Milan Journal) - Part I

April 11
Left Houston Intercontinental bound for Milan via Newark. Rode 767 international plane with cool individual video devices in each seatback. Watched a movie and played Solitaire and Pacman. Would have been pretty cool except I had to keep fighting the retractable cord for the handheld controller!

In Newark, I bought a voltage/plug converter all-in-one from Brookstone shop at the airport. While I snacked on a broccoli salad, I people-watched. A neatly-dressed older man in my peripheral vision whose shirt was buttoned to the very top proceeded to floss his teeth in plain view for no less than 15 minutes. Just kept reaching inside a ziploc for more floss. You’d think he was done when he’d pick up a book and read. Not two minutes later, he’d reach into the bag and start to work again. Finally after a while, he bent down to put the ziploc in his overnight bag. And he came back up with another bag…full of rubber picks of all sizes. Did he start with the biggest one and work down to the smallest, or vice versa? “Ten minutes to Wopner.”

Luckily the international flight was mostly empty since it was a Tuesday, so I stretched out in the middle aisle over 3 seats. Watched “Fun With Dick and Jane”, “Yours, Mine, and Ours” and a couple of episodes of “House”. Croissants and fruit for breakfast came a little early at 2:00 am Texas time.

April 12
Arrived at Malpensa Airport, Italy around 10:30 am local time. Exchanged $160 for €112 for a terrible rate! Took the advice of the people in front of me in Customs and took the bus to Stazzione Milano Centrale for €5. Scenery around the airport was fabulous as the Alps are very close there. As we drove, I remembered something Margaret had said at work, that there are no Italian words in the English voculabulary except for food items. But I thought of one as I first entered the outskirts of Milano…graffiti! It was everywhere, even on nicer-looking apartment buildings. I was sure this wasn’t the scenic route to the stazzione, but geez…I felt like I flew all that way to see Philly!

Got to the station just in time to catch the train to Voghera, except I didn’t know where to buy the tickets. By the time I found out and stood in line to purchase them, it was too late, so I had to stand around the train station for 2 hours until the next train. Was starting to get the jelly-legs bad! Paid €.70 just to use the WC.

I was practicing my Italian and was able to ask “Este treni a Voghera?”, and the conductor showed me how to timestamp my ticket. On the train, everyone was talking on their cell phones, and when they answer the phone, they say “Pronto”. Ted told me later that means “I’m ready”, not “hurry up” like we use it in the States.


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Thhppppppt! So jealous! But happy you got to go. Now, I want to see all the pics!

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